by Ann Snyder Co-chair, Project GROWS Board of Trustees

September 1, 2021

Dear Friends and Partners,

We write to you today with news of significant change at GROWS. Executive Director, Tom Brenneman, has decided to step away from his role as of September 30, 2021. We are grateful to him for his service to the organization and we wish him well in his next steps. Under his tenure, GROWS has grown and changed, and has benefited from both new grant and new donor relationships. Please join us in congratulating Tom for his work over the past 18 months.

After Tom’s announcement, David Geiman, co-chair of the Board and principal donor, committed to a $100,000 pledge for calendar year 2022. “I want to ensure the continued growth of the organization and set the leadership team up for success,” he says. “The Board and I are exceedingly proud of the work GROWS has been doing and will continue to do, both under Tom and the next Executive Director.” The $100,000 pledge will be used as a matching campaign to galvanize fundraising efforts and attract new donors throughout the region. “Our contribution to the community is vital, both in terms of food access and education. We as a board are confident in our team and in our vision for improving the health and nutrition of youth and families in our area. We look forward to inviting more donors into the conversation and to working with key partners to accomplish our goals.”

We are deeply grateful to Dave and his family. This gift is the largest private donation in GROWS’ history and marks a new chapter in our development. The pledge comes on the heels of the soon-to-be-completed Geiman Barn, which will be fully operational this year. The generosity of the Geiman family continues to transform GROWS and enable us to live out our mission.

This fall, GROWS will focus on hiring our next Executive Director as part of a national search.

While transitions are always difficult and bittersweet, we as an organization are confident in our next steps. With an outstanding leadership team and an engaged Board, we know GROWS will continue to thrive into the future.

Thank you for your continued support of Project GROWS.


Ann Snyder
Co-chair, Board of Trustees