You know, I never thought that some random slip would get me here, but here I am. I got that piece of paper during a class at Waynesboro High School and I ended up applying to Project GROWS Youth Leaders in Agriculture program so I could be outside all summer. Next thing I know, I ‘m into agriculture and a have a bunch of new skills, all from this job!

Sure there were some days of just weeding, but it all leads to the best part: harvesting! I’ll never forget my harvests, so much food for those who need it. That makes everything worth it!

I think my favorite part, however, is all the fun I had with everyone, even on the dull days, we made it fun. Just the camaraderie makes it a blast here at Project GROWS!

Going back to what I said earlier, this opportunity really opened my eyes to new career paths I want to take. No clue where I will go, but I’m going, and I won’t be stopped!

Project GROWS was a great opportunity, and I am so glad I got to be here and be more in touch with the community. If there is anyone out there who wants to give farming and gardening a try, Project GROWS offers a volunteer program that you can do. I met many volunteers here, and they loved it. No, I was not just paid to say that. This place is just that good!

Y’all are great, keep doing you! I’m sure we can all get to where we want to be. That’s my heartfelt message. And now, I’m off to do great things… probably.