The Farm

Growing Since 2012!

Project GROWS’ farm is located on 10 rolling acres in Augusta County, Virginia. Our farm broke ground in 2012, growing mixed vegetables on a half acre using ecological and sustainable farming methods. Since then, Project GROWS has increased the size of our production space to four acres, including a propagation greenhouse and three plastic-covered high tunnels. Stewarding our soil life is central to our work and all of our agricultural practices support the vital relationship between plants and microorganisms. We use minimal tillage and keep the soil covered as much as possible through cover cropping and mulching. By working to maintain healthy soil, we are able to grow strong and healthy plants, which results in nutrient dense food for everyone.

In 2021, we moved our post-harvest activities into a fully-equipped processing room inside our new barn facility located on the farm. This space allows us to provide even more produce to kids and families throughout the community. Kids eat our veggies at the farm during field trips and summer camps, and in their school cafeterias year-round and during special Farm to School tastings. Folks can purchase our produce at our weekly farm stand located on the farm and at our mobile markets in spring, summer, and fall.

“Where at first I just saw a farm, I now see a model example of a selfless and determined community’s effort to actively create a happier, healthier life for children. It gives me a lot of hope for the future to see PG thriving more than ever and in such capable, generous, and dirty hands.” – Abigail, intern

“Once I was actually a part of the process I developed a much deeper respect for farming.” – Katie, Summer Youth Staff

“I felt like a farmer when I was there!” After visiting the Project GROWS farm, students report feeling more valued, and more confident.