By Colby S., 2021 Youth Leader in Ag (Summer Youth Staff), Staunton High School ’22

This summer, instead of staying at home to sleep, play video games, and watch TV, I decided I wanted to work with Project GROWS. I did this for the original reason of wanting to get physically fit and for the financial freedom that comes with a job.

When I got accepted I was ecstatic about finally having an activity that’s productive to do, especially since what Project GROWS aims to do is feed the community and teach them which is very respectable.

I’ve been working here for about 8 or 9 weeks and have learned so much, and not just about farming either. While working with 5 other kids my age and multiple supervisors, I’ve gained more insight on how to communicate effectively and become a better leader when it’s needed. At the same time I’ve learned about myself, learned what my body needs to continuously work in the sun, how much heat I can take, and basically just the upper limits to myself.

During these past weeks we have also been able to meet guest speakers, such as beekeepers, cattle/livestock farmers, and bird watchers. I’m grateful to have learned such a wide variety of career paths because now I’m aware of jobs that I already have some kind of an interest in. I recommend volunteering or working at Project Grows if you get the chance. You won’t regret it.