Greetings from the Project GROWS team, and welcome back to Super Summer Chefs! Morgan Martindell from the Virginia Family Nutrition Program and Erika from Project GROWS are back for our LAST episode in our summer video series! This time will feature a fan favorite: tomatoes! Tomatoes are not only loaded with key vitamins and nutrients, but they are also so delicious to eat! As we will see in the video, they grow in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and they are great for snacking or for using in a wide variety of recipes.

At Project GROWS, we grow our tomatoes in a high tunnels on trellises to keep the tomato vines off the ground and neatly organized. Sometimes we need ladders to harvest tomatoes since the vines grow so tall! It gets very warm in the high tunnel, so the tomatoes need lots of water, which we deliver through our drip irrigation underneath the black landscape fabric!

One type of tomatoes we have on the farm are slicing tomatoes (we call them “slicers”) which are bigger and juicier than other varieties and great for big yummy slices to be used on burgers and sandwiches. The other type are cherry tomatoes, which are much smaller, and are great for salads or kabobs. In today’s video, Morgan shows us how to make an easy salsa recipe using a few slicing tomatoes from Project GROWS. Enjoy!

Download the Fresh Salsa Recipe!