Welcome to Episode 8 of our Signs of Spring Series!  In this episode, we bring you a virtual Harvest of the Month experience for the month of May.  You will get a chance to guess the featured vegetable, learn how to grow and harvest it, and discover some ways to use it in your kitchen!

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How do you grow sugar snap peas?

The Harvest of the Month vegetable for May is a sugar snap pea!  Sugar snap peas are in-season from May-July in Virginia.  A notable aspect of the growing process is how sugar snap peas climb.  To accommodate this, farmers often create trellises for the pea to attach to with its vines.  Watch Episode 8 to follow Will as he walks you through the rows of peas at the Project GROWS farm!

How do you cook with sugar snap peas?

Here is a look at Clara’s veggie stir fry dish featuring sugar snap peas!

It is important to know how a food tastes when you are trying to make a meal with it.  Luckily, the taste and texture of sugar snap peas are written in its name!  The veggie is slightly sweet and crunchy; sugary and snappy if you will!  They are extremely versatile, and each recipe we offer is easily adjustable to your taste and availability of ingredients.  Join Clara in Episode 8 to hear more about cooking with sugar snap peas!

What is Harvest of the Month?

In partnership with local public schools, our Harvest of the Month program was introduced in 2015 as a way to bring seasonal, locally-sourced produce to students in Waynesboro and Staunton schools.  The program is designed to educate students about healthy food choices and increase enjoyment and consumption of fruits and vegetables by providing the opportunity for students to try new veggies in their own school lunchroom.  Read more about our Farm to School programs here. In light of school closures, we are building on our Farm to School mission by creating virtual Harvest of the Month experiences to replace in-person tastings!

Clara’s second sugar snap pea recipe: veggie bean salad.

In addition, Project GROWS continues to provide fresh, in-season veggies to the Staunton City Schools Meals Program, which delivers the veggies to families in the community. We are providing downloadable materials in the hopes that they will further enrich student’s virtual Harvest of the Month experience and inspire them to cook with the featured veggie, which they may have even received in their school meals this week!

To learn more about sugar snap peas, watch our May Harvest of the Month Video and download the poster (español)!  Don’t forget to share this post and video with friends!

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