Welcome to Episode 6 of our Signs of Spring video series!  This week’s episode is brought to you by Project GROWS and Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Family Nutrition Program.  Click here to learn more about the Virginia Family Nutrition Program.  In this week’s episode, Morgan Martindell, a SNAP-Ed agent for Virginia Cooperative Extension, walks us through how to make a simple side salad using turnips from the Project GROWS farm!

Morgan Martindell, a SNAP-Ed Agent with the Virginia Cooperative Extension, shows you how to build your own salad!

You may have seen Episode 4 of Signs of Spring, which brought you a virtual Harvest of the Month experience!   In Episode 4, the Project GROWS team showed you how turnips are harvested and how you can use them in a meal, such as a stir-fry!  Turnips have been quite the star of the month of April!  We are continuing to harvest turnips, and other vegetables, on the Project GROWS farm and distribute them throughout our community.  One place where our vegetables are going is the Staunton City Schools meal service delivery.  You might be receiving these turnips in your school meals and wondering what to do with them!

This week, we are sharing another way to use turnips!  As you may have learned from the informational sheet that came with the turnips in the school meal, both the root and greens of the vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked.  They are a good source of Vitamin C, which can promote a healthy immune system, and Vitamin A, which is important for eyesight!  They are crunchy when raw, which can add texture to a salad!

Put your turnips to work in this simple side salad recipe!

In this episode, Morgan prepares one possible combination for a ‘build your own salad.’  You can use whatever ingredients you have on hand and want to use up to make your fresh, nutritious salad!  She shows us how to make your own dressing as well!  As usual, Morgan washes her hands before starting to handle the food, uses safe techniques when cutting with a knife, and recommends that kids make this recipe with an adult. To get started, download the recipe inspiration for the salad and for the dressing!

Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to check out our other Signs of Spring videos linked on our blog and on our Youtube channel!  Also, be on the lookout for more Project GROWS produce to be distributed with the Staunton City Schools meal delivery program.