A note to all civic and school partners, all teachers scheduled for field trips, CSA customers, market vendors and volunteer groups:

Like you, Project GROWS is attending to the risks posed by the novel Coronavirus. The safety of our students, families, employees, volunteers, market vendors, and customers is our highest priority.  The Project GROWS, Inc. management team is actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and will work to follow all guidelines from state and national authorities. At present we are adjusting schedules and programming to support safety and comply with CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of infection and mitigate risk to staff and the community at large:

Farm operations continue with staff working in shifts to limit exposure and sustain growing operations. All work at our office at the Staunton Innovation Hub and all public programming is suspended until the end of March. Indeed, the horizon ahead is unknown. For now, April and May programming remains scheduled. If we would need to make changes in our April and May programs and schedules, we will let teachers, civic groups, volunteers, CSA customers, vendors and partner agencies know as soon as possible. 

We have instructed our staff, and ask you as partners and patrons as well, to follow the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control:

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Where possible, practice social distancing and avoid handshakes
  • Sneeze or cough into your sleeve or a tissue
  • Remain at home if you feel sick

If you have any questions about our procedures or would like to discuss re-scheduling events and activities with Project GROWS, please contact the respective management team member by email or phone, Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm:

Nichole Barrows, Director of Education 757.270.6803 [email protected]

Laura Faircloth, Farmer, Director of Farm Operations  908.745.9826 [email protected]

Clara Metzler, Farmer, Associate Director of Farm Operations 540.830.3228  [email protected]

Megan Marshall, Director of Food Access 503-929-2525 [email protected]

Tom Brenneman, Executive Director 540.421.4732 [email protected]