Barn-Raising Recipe Series: Quick Veggie Summer Rolls, Recommended by Nichole Barrows, Education Manager

Here’s a recipe we tried out last summer with our two summer camp groups that came out to the farm for weekly field trips as part of their summer programming at the Boys and Girls Club and the Summer Learning Loss Prevention Program at the Staunton-Augusta YMCA/Staunton City Public Schools. This was an easy way to combine several raw summer veggies (like cucumber and carrot) and fresh herbs from the farm (like basil) into an interesting snack form. In the summer sometimes it feels like we are “swimming in cucumbers”, so we’re always looking for new ways to serve them up. Kids loved these rolls!


Recipe: Quick Veggie Summer Rolls (Click Here)

On a Project GROWS field trip, children and youth have a chance to try their hand at harvesting veggies and making healthy recipes like this one. What would it take to help every child in our community have access to healthy, local produce AND have the confidence to prepare healthy meals with that produce at home? We believe a barn will help us better work towards these goals. If you enjoyed this recipe, please consider pledging to our Barn Raising Campaign and supporting our mission to grow healthy youth!

Nichole Barrows, Education Manager