At a time when “cheap” and “convenient” food options have become synonymous with “unhealthy”, how is a 10-acre farm the solution to improving the health of local youth? Since 2012 you’ve partnered with us throughout the community to improve access and education of healthy food:

You’ve joined us at Farmers Markets:

You’ve joined us at Cooking Classes:

You’ve joined us at Volunteer nights:

Your kids have joined us for summer camp:

At tastings:

At field trips:

With your help, we’ve shown the world how a small farm can have HUGE impact on children and youth. Now, we have reached a critical juncture where we call on your support to help us make an even bigger impact in our community. We ask you to consider joining us on our latest endeavor: Barn-Raising. Stay tuned as we continue to unveil big news in the coming months. Until then, we hope to see you at the farm!

Locally Yours,
John McCray and the PG Crew